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Reference Sire
Amurath-Sahib x Angara (Wielki Szlem)
Sire of Nabeg, Tamerlan, Namek, Magnolia, Poema, Naturshitsa, Karta, Psikhea, Nastavnitsa, Maritsa, Nemezida, Panama Of Tersk, Toska, and Pamiatka

Excerpts from articles with reference to Arax:

Whittlesey, Dee. "Arax: A Sire of Immeasurable Significance". Arabians July 1983. The Campbell Co., Inc., Lake Orion, Michigan. p. 78.

"Arax, sired by Amurath Sahib and out of the Wielki Szlem daughter Angara, was foaled at the Michalow State Stud in Poland in 1952. Arax sired six foals in Poland, the most noteworthy being the U.S. reserve national champion mare *Boltonka. Arax was transferred from Poland to the Tersk Stud when he was six, the result of a trade with Poland for a number of mares. The Tersk Stud breeding program would soon prosper as a result of Arax's addition.

Typically Koheilan in structure, Arax made an invaluable contribution to the breed by providing superb and totally functional structure. As an individual, he was noted for his overall smoothness and balance.

Although slightly thick in the throatlatch, Arax's neck was of adequate length but not as well set on as is currently fashionable. Because of the length of neck, he possessed great flexibility. His well-shaped, dry head was highlighted by large, black eyes - traits that uniformly have been hallmarks of this line. Arax was known for his disposition - a prepotent trait in his line of offspring. The Arax linebred horses reflect good working attitudes and are generally happy with quiet temperaments.

Arax was used extensively at the Tersk Stud between 1959 and 1969, when, at age 17, he was purchased by Dr. Houtappel of Holland. Through Volume IV of the Russian Arabian Stud Book, 101 foals are listed as being sired by Arax. Unfortunately, he was never used for service in Europe because of his death following a freak accident at sea en route to Holland."

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