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Reference Dam
Aswan x Carolina (Salon)
Grand-dam of SF Nova

Excerpts from articles with reference to Kara:

Whittlesey, Dee. "Inside Russia". Arabian Horse World November 1981. Jay Shuler Co., Inc., Palo Alto, California. p. 388.

"The intent of this interview with Mr. Ponomarev and Balakshin was to explore basic feelings about the sudden thrust of the Tersk Stud into the International spotlight. Greatly detailed questions regarding specific bloodlines, feeding methods, housing methods, etc., were not explored, because that material has been detailed in a new history of the Russian Arabian Stud (about 20 pages in length) to be the preface for Volume 4 of the Russian Stud Book.

QUESTION: Were the Russian horsemen happy with the results of this year's sale?

PONOMAREV: We are naturally satisfied that Tersk Stud Farm confirmed before the world that this is a good place for buying Arabian horses. Naturally, we have to work harder to prove again that we are trying to breed perfect horses. Frankly speaking, I wish that some of the horses had not been sold. I would have preferred to have kept NARADA, POZNAN, KARA, and TAKEMA.

(NOTE: NARADA, a full sister to *Nariadnaia (Aswan x Neposeda), in foal to PESNIAR, sold to Robert Stratmore for $350,000.00; POZNAN (Nabeg x Palmira) sold to Robert Stratmore for $280,000.00; KARA (Aswan x Carolina), in foal to ANTEY, sold to Howard Kale and Kenneth Ford for $90,000.00; TAKEMA (Kumir x Trel) sold for $100,000.00 to Ken Guilbeaux.)"

"QUESTION: Given a 'blank check,' i.e., with all of the money one might need available, what horses should a serious breeder have purchased at your sale this year?

PONOMAREV: A serious horse specialist always buys all of the best horses available because they are the foundation of future success. Give the additional list of horses and with money not counted, a horse specialist would first buy ANTEY; then MOLVA, NARADA, MEDUZA, and KARA. With money not counted, he would buy five or six without hesitation."

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