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March 22, 1985 - January 12, 2009
7/8 Arabian Mare
IAHA #3A 261977
Vetgen tested SCID clear

Linissa, better known as Valentine or Val, was the mare we found when we went looking for a second horse to keep our gelding Talhalla (aka Hal) company, and so we'd have a second horse to ride. After trying her out and taking a break for lunch to discuss the decision we never regretted, we brought Val home from Manitoba in 1997. Hal and Val became an inseparable pair and Val became a trusted riding partner and our favourite to take inexperienced friends, young and old, for a ride.

Val produced our first foal for us, a 15/16 Arabian colt we named Valentino kgi, who we sadly lost after only a month. We rebred her and in 2002 she produced the 15/16 Arabian filly Suntiara kgi who is following in her mom's footsteps as a youth mount. Val started showing symptoms of Cushings in her early 20's and lost a short battle in January, 2009. She will be greatly missed.

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