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Reference Dam
Arax x Mammona (Ofir)
Dam of *Mag, Mexica, and *Marsianin

Excerpts from articles with reference to Magnolia:

Brown Edwards, Gladys. "Russian Re-Run". Arabian Horse World November 1983. Jay Shuler Co., Inc., Palo Alto, California. p. 80.

"Following *Klipsa was the magnificent *Magnolia (Arax x Mammona), a real eye-popper. *Magnolia was arrogant, aristocratic and a worthy representative of the Pomponia family (of which Dziwa and Mammona are each a branch). Her dam, Mammona, was one of the most important broodmares at Tersk. Mammona was bred in Poland and followed her dam on that long trek in 1939 from Janow-Podlaski to southern Russia when she was just a foal. Mammona was by Ofir, whose influence in Poland needs no further mention and is now felt world-wide. *Magnolia, who died in Scottsdale this year, was tall, standing 154 cm (15.1 1/2 hands), and was a brilliant bay with neat stockings on all four legs and equally neat facial markings. *Magnolia was typey, but not in an over-refined, toy-dog sort of way. At age 21 she was Top Ten at the Scottsdale show, where she seemd far above her rivals.

Among the foals *Magnolia had already produced was Mig, an appropriately-named record-holder by Aswan; *Muslin (by *Salon), a champion in Europe and in the U.S., Magnit (sold to Poland); Mars (name changed to *Marsianin), 1981 U.S. National Champion Stallion; and Mexica and Malaga, both now broodmares, before 1974. She also produced the colt Mirage in '75, the excellent filly Muza in '76, the colt Mag in '77 (these by Aswan), Mimika (by *Muscat) in '78, and other of the same breeding in America, named Mymika."

Parkinson, Mary Jane. "Dams of Distinction: Tersk-Bred Imports". Arabian Horse World November 1983. Jay Shuler Co., Inc., Palo Alto, California. p. 255.

"Howie Kale first saw *Magnolia in 1975, coveted her, and tried to buy her. The Russians wouldn't sell, and she went on producing top-quality foals at Tersk. Finally, in June 1980, Howie brought her to Karho Farms at Scottsdale, at the age of 20. The following February, then officially 21, she stormed the mare class at Scottsdale, completely capturing the crowd with her presence and queenly grace. She was absolutely sound, showed no sign of her age, and floated around the ring in her best trotting form, scarcely seeming to touch the ground. Dazzled the judges too, and she and Howie sailed out of the ring with a Scottsdale Top Ten in a class of 35 mares.

Scottsdale was a repeat experience for *Magnolia; she won the 'Certificate of the First Degree' at age four in 1964 in Russia. In racing, she competed in 17 races in Russia, was first twice, second twice, and third four times.

As a Tersk broodmare, *Magnolia produced 11 foals, nine by Aswan, and one each by *Salon and *Muscat. The *Salon foal is *Muslin, exported to Holland in 1972 where he was a leading sire and National Champion Stallion in 1979 and 1980, and imported to the United States in 1981. He is syndicated and standing at Dixieland Arabian Stud in South Carolina. In 1978, *Magnolia produced a bay filly, Mimika, by *Muscat, but the filly was retained at Tersk when *Magnolia was sold.

*Magnolia's Aswan foals are scattered - and famous. Her 1967 colt Mig is a record-holder for 1,600 meters (as a two-year-old). Magnit, foaled in 1969, was sold to Poland in 1973 where he stood at Michalow and at Janow. *Marsianin (Mars), foaled in 1971, was sold to Henry and Silvia Garde (Ehlert) of West Germany in 1973, purchased by Howie Kale and Ken Guilbeaux in 1976, brought to the United States in 1978, campaigned and syndicated, and judged 1981 U.S. National Champion Stallion. Mexica, foaled in 1972, and Malaga, foaled in 1973, are broodmares at Tersk. *Muzza, foaled in 1976, is a broodmare at Karho Farms in Scottsdale. The bay stallion Mag, foaled in 1977, is in Holland where he is a popular sire (see note below). *Magnolia's 1979 Aswan son *Magnificent is at Karho.

In 1981, *Magnolia was again bred to *Muscat, this time in the United States, with the hope of producing a duplicate of the beautiful Mimika foaled at Tersk. The result was Myminka, a chestnut filly, foaled in March 1982, and she meets and exceeds the expectations.

*Magnolia is one of the three mares in this study who have four offspring in the United States.

*Magnolia died at Karho last spring at the age of 23."

NOTE: While the above article refers to Mag as bay, he was actually grey. It's possible his colour was confused with his full brother Magnificent, who was a bay.

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