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Mirakle kgi
2013 Straight Russian Filly
CAHR #47980
SCID & CA clear by parentage

Mira comes by her name honestly. From her dam finding her way to us years after our first meeting, to a very tenuous first day followed by a tenuous first month, it feels like nothing short of a 'mirakle' that she is here with us now. She represents what we feel is an ideal cross for her sire Riurik, and has the beauty of her historic dam line. She has a uniquely linebred pedigree, with two crosses to the great broodmare Nefisa and two to *Mag - the cross which itself produced our treasured *Nefison - and with both sire and dam having examples of the famed *Nariadni/*Muscat cross through their dam line. She should be a great producer when the time comes. We're excited to watch her continue to mature and see what the future has in store for her.

Straight Russian
Riurik kgiNeposeda
RV Rostov*Monokl
NM RostalgiaLaila
Mirakle kgiMusca
Selket MagdalenNeposeda
HK Narketa*Nariadni

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