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Reference Sire
Arax x Nomenklatura (Naseem)
Sire of *Monokl, *Nariadni, Menes, *Princip, *Pesniar, Tallin, Pant, Neman, Nadejni, Modnitsa, and Talina

Excerpts from articles with reference to Nabeg:

Paul, Melissa. "There's Nothing Like Nabeg". Arabians October 1985. The Campbell Co., Inc., Lake Orion, Michigan. p. 100.

"Nabeg, whose name in Russian means 'the calm,' was an exciting individual. He was a fancier horse than his sire. Nabeg's head was much typier than Arax's, and his neck was set on higher and was more arched from the Naseem influence. Also, Nabeg received a croup which did not have Arax's extreme levelness, or Naseem's steepness. Other desirable characteristics exhibited by Nabeg were short cannons, a short back, high withers, good shoulders, high tail carriage, expressive eyes and tiny ears.

As a sire, Nabeg was prepotent for these features and generally passed on a better croup than he had himself. Traits common to his get include large, dark eyes, short backs, pretty heads, long, level croups and smooth coupling, long necks (although not always as fine as is now popular), short cannons, flat bone, high tail carriages, and good (but not extravagant) action and racing abilities. Also, Nabeg progeny are typically very slow to mature and have quiet dispositions."

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