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Reference Sire
Skowronek x Nasra (Daoud)
Sire of Negativ, Nomenklatura, Nitochka, and Nagrada I

Excerpts from articles with reference to Naseem:

Paul, Melissa. "The *Salon Saga". Arabians March 1984. The Campbell Co., Inc., Lake Orion, Michigan. p. 63.

"Naseem was reportedly Skowronek's most beautiful son. Naseem was bred by Lady Wentworth at her Crabbet Park Stud in England. Naseem's dam, Nasra, was by a son of the greatly influential foundation sire Mesaoud. Nasra's dam was Nefisa, a mare Lady Anne Blunt said was a perfect broodmare (she produced 21 foals in her lifetime, the last one at age 27).

Naseem was acclaimed for his abundant class and type, and especially for his exquisite forehand. This consisted of an exotic head with big, dark eyes and a long, arched neck which was very light in the throatlatch. Gladys Brown Edwards wrote in The Arabian: War Horse To Show Horse, 'Naseem was noted for the extreme beauty of his head and neck and in most cases these attributes have been passed on down through the generations. He was rather shallow of body and his hind legs were not straight by a long shot, but nevertheless he gave the instant impression of great beauty, so decisive that his faults were often overlooked.'

In addition to his stunning good looks, Naseem was an excellent sire. In England his get included Raktha, sire of the great *Serafix (the leading sire of champions in the United States for many years) and the unforgettable Indian Magic; Rissam, the sire of *Nizzam (who had many champion get in the Netherlands and the United States); Irex, known for his beautiful head; Sulka, the dam of Nizar (an important stallion in West Germany); Silver Fire, the foundress of the 'Silver' line which is coveted for its distinct classic type as well as for its ability to garner championships; and *Risletta, one of the best mares ever owned by W.K. Kellogg, and the dam of Abu Farwa (known for his beautiful head and neck, brilliant trot and ability to throw racing quality).

It was understandable that many people wished to buy Naseem, with the quality of his foals-and that Lady Wentworth had no desire to sell him-quite apparent. However, his fame spread sufficiently to attract the notice of the Russians, who came to Crabbet Park in 1936 with just such an intention.

Unfortunately for Lady Wentworth and other Arabian breeders in England, the monetary situation at the time dictated the sale of many horses what otherwise would never have been sold. After extensive negotiations and some rough times bargaining with the determined Russians, Lady Wentworth sold Naseem, five other stallions and nineteen mares of inestimable value to them. Naseem was the highest-priced individual of the lot-he brought $250,000, a phenomenal sum in that day; if this sum was converted to today's dollars a conservative estimate would place the price in excess of $2,500,000.

Naseem went to the Tersk Stud in 1936 and became established-as did Piolun, Arax, Kann and Aswan-as one of the five most influential stallions ever to go to Russia. There, Naseem sired, among his 87 Russian-born foals: Nomenklatura (x Mammona), the dam of the excellent head sire at Tersk, Nabeg (by Arax); Nitochka (x Taraszcza), the dam of Russian reserve national champion mare Nalpa (by Pomeranets) and Neron (by Sport), a stallion who competes successfully in West Germany against all breeds in jumping, dressage and three-day events; and Negatiw, a full brother of Nitochka and the sire of *Salon."

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