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1989 Bay Mare
CAHR #41694
Vetgen tested SCID clear
UC Davis tested CA clear

Tamerlynn is linebred to the Arax/Trapecia cross that produced both her sire *Tamerlan and her maternal great-granddam, Toska. *Tamerlan was a tall, Koheilan stallion who was a very successful racehorse in Russia and is known for producing excellent broodmares, including Kilika, the dam of Padrons Psyche. Tamerlynn's maternal grandsire, *Procent, has sired a number of successful racehorses in North America including two stakes winners. Tamerlynn's dam line, as well as that of her sire, traces through Taktika, a significant dam line in Russia known for athletes including Taktika's sons *Pietuszok and Topol as well as her grandson *Tamerlan. *Procent, a full brother to significant Polish sire Palas, adds another cross to Taktika through his granddam Platina, a full sister to *Pietuszok and Topol.

*Nefison was an ideal cross with Tamerlynn, adding a line to *Salon and the type and style characteristic of his sire *Mag to her Arax structure, and they gave us three wonderful foals. This cross has also produced some of our most personable foals and we're excited to begin enjoying them under saddle.

Congratulations Jolene on the lease of Tamerlynn and the arrival of her beautiful 2012 filly sired by Magadan kgi!

Tamerlynn with her 2009 *Nefison filly


FF Tambourine1994 Bay Mare by AJ Muscatt
FF Aaquilla1995 Bay Mare by Antaares
Tatariya kgi2006 Bay Mare by *Nefison
Temujin kgi2007 Grey Stallion by *Nefison
Toregene kgi2009 Grey Mare by *Nefison
Tatteeanna2012 Bay Mare by Magadan kgi

Straight Russian
Sire Line: Bairactar
Tail Female: Selma I
Pedigree Percentages

Amurath-Sahib35 Amurath II
AngaraWielki Szlem
TaktikaTaki Pan
*Tina TerskNitochka

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